Betcha never thought of using Orgasms to Help Create the New Earth!

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Join Us on Summer Solstice 2018 for
World Women's Orgasmic Offering Day

This is something that can be done in the privacy of your own home, with or without a partner, and you don't even need to have an orgasm to do it!


Are You going to WWOOD with Us?

World Women's Orgasmic Offering Day is an event where women around the globe can help to integrate a more Peaceful, Harmonious, Thriving, Abundant and Orgasmic future here on planet earth!

You will Love this Event if :

  • You know that thoughts create reality
  • You want to increase your participation with co-creating our collective future
  • You want to start developing your orgasmic potential

Where, When, Who & How?

Monday, June 19th & Tuesday June 20th

​Join us on the MONDAY for the ALL DAY Expert Summit
9am - 7:30pm (Pacific Time)

We are inviting in experts to help you get into the groove.
Here you can join us for live webinars, pre-recorded interviews, as well as on-line classes.

By SIGNING UP you will receive the web links you need to access each webinar throughout the day. They will be accessible to watch them FOR FREE during the day of the event. So be sure you have your tea and are ready to go!

During this day you are welcome to come and go as you need or even just select the webinars you'd like to see most!

**Then, join us on the TUESDAY for the CEREMONY that will help to channel all orgasmic energy into mother earth to use for her healing.
12pm (Pacific Time)

What do Orgasms have to do with
Creating Our Future?

There is something called a "Tipping Point" or "100th Monkey effect": when a certain mass of people experience a same behavior or idea, it can rapidly spread into our greater collective consciousness making it easier for others to experience or acknowledge that idea. And when we add the vitality of orgasmic energy into a collective intent, the process can be accelerated by x100.

What is an Orgasmic Offering?

An "Orgasmic Offering" is the process of tapping into orgasmic energy through self pleasure, making love, dancing or through another means while making an "Prayer" or intention from your heart (aka Orgasmic Prayer). By tapping into this "lightness of heart" or ecstatic vibration, it expands the power of any prayer that is sent out.  It is an "Offering" because it is a gift we are making to a greater cause.

(and P.S. the more women joining in, the greater the impact we can have. So we'd love to invite the saucy & sexy woman you are to share this offering
with your circles!)

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